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Bluehost charges for site migrations so is it worth signing up with them?

If you currently have a website hosting company that you use and have been looking at other hosts to switch to, one of the ones you may have come across is Bluehost. After all, Bluehost is one of the top rated hosting companies in the United States, with a reported 250 million sites currently being hosted by them.

Before you switch your site’s hosting to Bluehost, however, you may want to look into what it means as far as your actual site migrations go.

Additional Fees  — One big drawback is that Bluehost charges for site migrations to move your site from your old hosting company to them.

The problem with this is twofold. First, they charge $149.99 to move your sites. A charge that is very high for the few minutes of time it takes to do. Secondly, few other hosting companies charge for migrations so, if you go with Bluehost, you are paying for a service you could get for free elsewhere.

Bluehost charges for other things — On top of charging for site migrations, Bluehost also charges for backups, for site restorations should your site go down and for SSL certificates. When you factor in the cost of these, plus the cost site migrations, you could end up paying over $250 a year more for Bluehost than for other similar hosting companies.

Partial refunds — Bluehost is very fair with its refund policy, however. That means, even if you have signed up for their service, paid an annual fee, been with them for a couple of months and decided you do not like them, you can still get your money back.

In most cases, Bluehost pro-rates the amount of time you have spent with their company and then refunds you the money for the amount of time you will not spend with them.

Bluehost is recommended by WordPress — If you are running your site on the WordPress software program, you probably value the feedback of the people at WordPress themselves. That is one reason then why you should consider paying for Bluehost hosting.

After all, the company is not only recommended by the people at WordPress itself, but it is also recommended by many other people in the tech field.

Should you sign up for Bluehost even with site migration fee? — Before you make a decision about signing up for Bluehost, you should calculate how much it will cost you for the service you want with them. Then look for other similar hosting companies and calculate the cost with them as well.

Just be sure to include the cost of the site migration fee when you do so.

Things to consider when applying for IT jobs


If you currently work in IT, and are looking for a new position in the industry, there are a few things you should look for when applying for any IT jobs or ict banen.


Things that will mean, not only will you have more of a chance of finding IT jobs that you like, but the companies you apply at may be more reputable as well.


How long has the company been in business? — One of the problems when looking for IT jobs can be that you will often find many openings with companies that have only been in existence for a few months.


While this can be exciting and a challenge, it also tends to mean your job will be less secure as IT start ups shut down all the time.


Be sure, therefore, that you can handle working for a company that may not be particularly stable before you even apply for the job.


Are you excited about the job? — IT, especially with a start up, can be an exciting business to be in, but not every company is one you may be excited about.


Be sure you are not only interested in the company, but are also very interested in the job itself before you even apply. Otherwise, you could find yourself a few months down the road wishing you had applied for a lot more IT jobs before you accepted this one.


What is management like? — While a job may look very interesting and a company one you may want to work for, you still need to find out what the management is like.


Is the person you would be working for someone you would get along with? Do you have similar ideas when it comes to IT, and the direction the company is moving in? Does the manager’s expectations for the IT job you are applying for seem reasonable?


Remember, you are at work at least eight to 10 hours a day, so do be sure you actually like the manager you would be working for before you accept any of the IT jobs you apply for.


What is the company culture like? — When you apply for any IT jobs, you will want to know what the company culture tends to be.


Is it relaxed, casual and may be quite fun, or is it more straight-laced, regimented and may be a place you will not like to work?


While IT jobs often have a reputation as being in companies that are quite relaxed, and allow their employees to wear whatever they want to work, not all companies are the same.


Make sure the company culture is close to the way you feel about a work place, as well as has people working in it that seem to be those you would get along with.


Future development and promotions — Most IT jobs are in fast-paced companies that are constantly changing.


Just make sure, with any of the IT jobs you apply for, there is plenty of opportunity for training, other development opportunities and, of course, promotions.

Highly Ranked Hunting Cameras of 2018

Trail cameras come with a number of configurations and specifications. Some are better at taking pictures, others at shooting videos, and some are equally good at both. When purchasing a game cam or trail camera, it is essential to know what features and functionalities you would like and direct your attention towards the ones that would serve you best.

Browning Strike Force HD PRO

Customers have highly rated this camera on major retail websites. It offers a broad scope of functionality such as high-quality pictures and video recording. It is a sub-micro hunting/ trail camera with an internal picture viewer. It has a fast trigger, and the battery lasts up to 11 months.

Browning Dark Ops HD Pro

This is an IR trail cam with no glow. It has an extremely long battery life as well as incredibly fast detection speeds. The camera has a comfortable and intuitive look, feel, and interface. It is easily portable and known as one of the most reliable on the market in 2018.

Stealth Cam DS4K

Along with having a long battery life, this camera sports easy programming and the ability to shoot videos in 1440p. The picture quality is exceptionally realistic, and it has good detection speeds. The high shooting quality is the best feature the camera has to offer.

The Ultrafire XS8

Fro the brand Recoyx, this camera is meant for video security while out on the trail. It has a dynamic video feature that allows the user to record as long as there is motion in front of the lens. The battery life is, and it is intuitive to use with a simplistic and functional design.

Reconyx UltraFire XR6

For the price, the trigger speeds are not the best part of the camera. However, if you want to record insanely realistic videos with the highest of quality, this camera has a lot to offer. The processor of this camera is really powerful, and it quickly stands out as the most impressive aspect of the device.

Spypoint Solar

The camera has a powerful built-in solar panel. With unmatched battery life, this trail camera is one of the more unique ones out there. It has high trigger speeds and quick recovery time Using t feels smooth and seamless, it is intuitive and sleek in its functionality. It is one of the more intriguing models on the market his year and provides amazing value for the price.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Low Glow

This low glow trailcam provides the user with very fast trigger speeds and short recovery time. The photos and video have high quality, and the battery life is long. The case design is sturdy and highlights the features of the device.

The marketplace for hunting and trail cameras is bustling this year as well. 2018 as experienced the introduction of many new models and improved functionalities already. When choosing what camera to purchase, personal preferences are important to clear out and then look at the features and quality available. In this marketplace, even at a lower price, consumers can equip themselves with high-quality camera devices.

Buy Optical Lens Direct From Manufacturer And Save Money

Optical lens are used in many industries


As the world evolves, some products are becoming more essential for many different industries. Optical lens are used in various sectors of its wide range market. They are vitally important to research, scientists, photographers, and in the movie and entertainment industry. Microscopes, and cameras can only function if they have the appropriate optical lens. The people who depend on the optical lens to drive their profession are very particular about the type of lens they use, as optical lens are made by a different optical lens manufacturer, and of different materials. The consumers are looking for optimum accuracy, so they want the very best. They want their product to be long lasting, and sustain itself if there should be a mishap.


Reasons to buy custom optical lens from a manufacturer


When buying custom optical lens is a long term necessity, you want to get the best quality at a cost effective price. You want to be assured that the product is made of the highest quality materials, and that will meet your specific needs. When you buy from a manufacturer, you save on the cost of over head that a third party seller will charge you. You eliminate the product cost mark up, and the excessive increase that is the profit for third party sellers. You save money, plus if you order from Asian manufactures you get the best high quality optical lens at a fractional cost. Different manufacturers may use more than one material to make their lens. If you become accustom to using one special lens, you want to continue with that same brand.


Service is another reason to buy from a manufacturer


When you purchase optical lens from a manufacturer, you know that you will get quick service in the order, and delivery process. You will also get the satisfaction of knowing that should there be any problems with your lens, or the order itself, you will not have to contend with a seller to take care of the situation with the manufacturer. This could take long periods of time. You will have the opportunity to deal with the manufacturer directly. So, bottom line is that you can save money, get the highest quality products, and get your product in a reasonably quick time span. Your optical lens will be guaranteed, and any problems are handled directly with the manufacturer.


As mentioned earlier, buying from Asian manufacturers will save you money on your optical lens, and their product is of superior quality. they are comparable to manufacturers in the United States and Europe. Of course, you will have to pay for your own shipping and handling charges from Asia. You can feel confident that you are getting a top rated product when you buy from these manufacturers. It is easy to go online and research the manufacturer of your choice. You can even compare the prices of companies that sell the product, and the manufacturing company that makes the product, and the difference will amaze, and please you.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality is not a new technology. However, just like fashion, technology trends are also just making a comeback. Virtual reality has been observed by many gaming enthusiasts as early as the 1980s. It has become somewhat popular and then fizzled out in the 90s.
Today, one of the biggest successes in VR technology is the Oculus Rift. It’s a crowd funded campaign that was launched because of its success.

The good news for VR technology is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Oculus Rift can cost a lot of money. However, open source technology and mobile phones have changed how we look at virtual reality. Google Cardboard project, for instance, is now allowing users to enjoy VR technology the most inexpensive way possible. This allows the smart phone to track the person’s head movement.

No longer just about the games

These days, VR technology isn’t just about the games. There’s a possibility that adult industry is also going to capitalize on the VR technology that we have today. Could you imagine adolescents in the near future fixated on their mobile devices?

There are also the museums that are investing on the virtual reality experience. You will be able to experience the Museum of Stolen art without leaving your home. There are also the concerts that can potentially be viewed in 360 degrees and in 3D. One of which is the Live and Let Die Concert of Paul McCartney.

There are many potential thrills that 3D and VR technology can offer. In fact, even Mark Zuckerberg is already planning to utilize the technology by providing computer generated environments for people where they can hang out.

Though these show a lot of potential, let’s admit that VR gaming is still the most promising investment that tech companies could focus on these days. There are yet any big budget games rolling out with VR technology, but it is possible that we’ll soon be seeing games such as Grand Theft Auto in this type of set up.

Do you plan on investing on VR technology anytime soon? This can be a good idea especially if you are into games. VR technology can be promising for a lot of interested parties regardless if it’s a concert, a sport or even for the adult content. There are in fact a lot of contenders waiting for us. Not only is Oculus Rift the only gadget available in this niche. There’s also Microsoft Hololens and other products such as Sony Project Morpheus.